Economic investigation is a form of specific investigation the domain of business and market study. Economic investigation also includes the supply of information on the operating situation of a certain company or entrepreneur on behalf of the client prior to a desire to set up any partnership for business. This is a very necessary issue […]


Investigation concerned to the insurance, it’s investigation for the insurance companies’client to protect for the companies. This is the category of special insurance, it’s for the insurance companies only. For the compensation of the client will be exact, equitable, the investigation for the risk’s cause that be the necessity always for the insurance companies. In […]


This is an activity bearing very complicated work nature, requiring to have professional experiences and high expertise and should be restricted within the scope permitted by the law. Internal investigation is aiming to reveal and find out the culprit of trivial thieving within a family, company… as well as to discover and prevent any pre-arranged […]


This is the activity to record again all of the living course: schedule, where coming to? doing what? meeting whom? Of a certain “subject” and combine together into a writing to make a report concretively, distinctly. We shall provide pictures, video clip (if applicable) within the time of work proceeding. The purpose of supervision is […]


The verification of a certain individual’s, subject’s profile is a necessary issue in any epoch, particularly in the present one when the socio-economic life more and more developed.. The purpose of profile verification is aiming to clarify, satisfy any suspicion of the client, enable the client to catch sufficient documental evidences of the personality, the […]