This is an inborn ability for 1 person who has practiced the detective’s career, a less number obtained it owing to experiences in the course of operation or withdrawn from practical lessons in the times of conflicts. Wisely processing the circumstance while conducting the work will enable to trick any surrounding suspicion owing to the […]


The birth of Detective companies is aiming to meet the human’s requirements and to bring forth benefits to the whole society. That will be proved should the Detective companies be able to comply with the principles of operation and the restricted range of the law and other regulations in practicing. Each Detective company all has […]


The preempted and most important condition set forth to a detective is the ethic itself. Ethic is a decisive mark-post throughout the process of operation, in an aim for the detective practitioner obtain the conscience, thus to be able to properly think, do and know self-control of the actions and things which one does. Targeting […]


With a security and body-guards staff that have been granted the qualification for professional security defense and body-guards to take charge of protection for following positions: To defend buildings, banks, supermarkets, factories, building projects, apartment for rent, Consulates, tourism zones, travel tours… and any projects invested by domestic and foreign individuals and organizations. To protect […]


In the background of present economy, the daily demands more and more developed, the commodities more and more abundant and varied. Therefore, the occurrence of unhealthy competition is unavoidable. Consequently the service of searching for Fake articles – Imitated articles was given birth to enable Companies, entrepreneurs… to seek, discover and intercept timely any drifting, […]