In the modern society nowadays, the human life becomes more and more developed, the requirement for catching information more and more varied so no less sensitive issues happen, the objective circumstances seemed to simple, but if failed to be discovered and intercepted in time, in long run it will become a destruction and it will mix up personal life and family of each individual, but due to limitation in the condition and profession and being governed by the time, employment so it is impossible to control and closely learn the information of the subject or the matter which we are interested in and consequently we have offered a service, that is the private detective service.

In aiming to meet the higher and higher demands in the living.

1. Overview
A detective is an investigator, either a member of a police agency or a private person.
In some countries such as the US or Canada, a detective is often a policeman who wears everyday clothes to perform investigations into cases.
In the UK, detectives usually inquire criminal cases.

2. Detectives and their work
2.1 How to be a Detective

Due to the specific characteristics of the detective work, many people, especially youths, want to be a detective.
In order to become a professional detective, in the US, a candidate for detective must have served as a uniformed officer in a police agency for a period of one to five years. In the UK, detectives must have completed at least 2 years as a uniformed officer and must have been trained.

2.2 The main work

The number of investigative cases of detectives is larger than that of policemen. The major types of crime into which they conduct investigations may include:
• Homicide
• Robbery
• Motor vehicle theft
• Organized crime
• Fraud
• Burglary
• Criminal intelligence
• Sex crimes
• Narcotics
• Computer crime
• Crimes against children