Nam Viet investigation – A rich man rented detectives to track his young wife

No doubt about adultery, but many husbands / wives spent money on having the private detective to track each other only because they want to know what happen in everyday life of the other sides in order to detect and prevent, in time, the “risk” of expected marital disruption.

6 months tracking, having nothing

Mr. An – 50 years old, director of a private enterprise on construction and real estate married a 30 years old woman and has asked his wife to quit her ex- agency to support him.

From the date of transfer to work to her husband, she was equipped luxury car to go trading with partners. However, starting from the what so call “ support for her husband”, she wallowingly went out from early morning to late evening, almost every day she only came home at 11, 12 pm

Having not to know about what his wife had done and where his wife had gone that led to such delay. This made him anxious. Experiencing through a breakdown marriage which caused by his former wife’s adultery, Mr. An was afraid to repeat the old trail, especially when his new wife is 20 years younger than him.

Therefore, although having no doubt of his wife’s adultery, he still came to the center of private detectives to ask for help in order to find out where his wife had gone, to meet whom and to do what, …

Results of tracking her during the first week showed that his wife all went to see his partner, then went out to eat with the partners, went shopping, or to the beauty saloons, v.. V … This woman traveled much astonishingly, only around in Hanoi but she drove to move about 200 km a day. And every day, she left home at 8am and only came back at about 11, 12 pm. All of her relationships and communication, in the workplace are his business partners so he knew very well.

The first month was over, with no signs of suspicious. The husbands was very surprised so he wanted to continue to monitor his wife. This time the detectives had the camera mounted on a car thief to detect whether there are any irregularities or not, whether his wife while driving say anything, do anything. However, later on, they did not find anything suspicious.

The husband did not believe on the results. He even became suspicious of the skills of private detectives. After reported to his wife that he would be on 15 day trip, he offered to accompany the detective to witness a day schedule of his wife. He bought the drinks and food enters the car glued to the glass light-tight black to track his wife. He was frustrated and tired after one week of tracking with no negative results.

Up to May 3 / 2011, Mr. An has hired private detectives to monitor his wife constantly in 6 months and will continue to monitor when he felt really comfortable..

The cost for the track per day is also to a million, but this man is very wealthy and money is not the problem, as long as he can control his wife and prevent bad things in the bud immediately”

Early detection, timely prevent

There are too busy couples with work and relationships outside in the society who let the gap shape and widen unintentionally. When turning back, they discovered that they could not know / understand what their spouses doing, how their work, thoughts and aspirations, v. .. v … So, they also had private detective to track their partner to offset the shortage of information due to their less time to care about each other.

Late in 2010, office detectives received a customer who really wants his wife to be kept track of to find out what she was doing outside the home. The reason was because he felt his wife seemed tense, refusing sex with her husband, became quiet and did not share anything with her husband.

The investigating results showed that this customer’s wife was in trouble at work, but because she did not want to worry her husband so she herself tried to find out the solutions. These pressures had led her habits, her lifestyle changed.

There also was a customer who recognized that his wife having some changes in spending and often left home early and came back late that led him had private detectives to track his wife. After tracking, he knows that because of the family economy was in difficulties, so his wife , through a colleague, had received overtime job to do in order to support the family.

Now in the modern society, marriage has to face many problems such as work pressure from both sides, money worries, child care, etc.. V … that many couples do not have much time for each other and of which there ,actually, are people who really come to the third.

The hiring of detectives to track wife / husband to know what their partners is doing reveals that the demand of concern and being to be concerned of everyone is high and this demand is entirely plausible. As they learn more about the character, the work mates of their partners, the more they will love and attachment“.

No crime?

Is it violate the law when question that monitoring a person to provide information to another person (according to the standard of the private detective business)? In fact, because there are many people consider that work might be an infringement to private life, and personal honor:

The infringing or not has to be considered whether I can use images, clip to blackmail the others? If one goes in public with someone’s wife/ husband, then clearly he or she committed infidelity.

If it comes to abuse, threaten the prestige and honor of others, it must be seen if the clips, the images were used to spread to many people or not; or the images and clips that are not true “.