Nam Viet investigation – A rich man rented detectives to track his young wife

No doubt about adultery, but many husbands / wives spent money on having the private detective to track each other only because they want to know what happen in everyday life of the other sides in order to detect and prevent, in time, the “risk” of expected marital disruption. 6 months tracking, having nothing Mr. […]

Vietnam private investigation- Female detective – a dangerous career in society

Hanoi investigation -In the past, many women took part in and succeeded in dangerous works, especially in the war or in the context which forced them to take action. However, very few women worked as a bodyguard, detective, firefighter, policeman, etc. Until the society accepted women’s equality to men, especially since late XX century, women […]


In the modern society nowadays, the human life becomes more and more developed, the requirement for catching information more and more varied so no less sensitive issues happen, the objective circumstances seemed to simple, but if failed to be discovered and intercepted in time, in long run it will become a destruction and it will […]


This is an inborn ability for 1 person who has practiced the detective’s career, a less number obtained it owing to experiences in the course of operation or withdrawn from practical lessons in the times of conflicts. Wisely processing the circumstance while conducting the work will enable to trick any surrounding suspicion owing to the […]


The birth of Detective companies is aiming to meet the human’s requirements and to bring forth benefits to the whole society. That will be proved should the Detective companies be able to comply with the principles of operation and the restricted range of the law and other regulations in practicing. Each Detective company all has […]